Here are some of our most popular blog posts relating to gardening. Click on the photos for the full articles. To read all the articles click here.
1. How to grow garlic
2. How to grow tomatoes
3. How to chit potatoes
4. How to grow rosemary
5. How to grow Thyme
6. How to grow mint
7. How to grow white currant bushes
8. Tips for growing apple trees
9. How to grow a lemon tree
10. How to dry & store lavender
11. How to air dry herbs
12. How to oven dry basil & herbs
13. Turning clay into great garden soil
14. Double digging when planting new plants
15. How to cover a wall with creeper
16. Landscaping with creeper
17. How to grow an English ivy wall
18. How to prune diseased roses
19. Potting up bare rooted rose bushes
20. How to grow bluebells (bulbs)
21. What to put in your worm farms
22. Worm farm relocation for better results
23. Chip barking & mulching the garden beds
24. How to grow oregano
25. DIY raised
sprinkler head
in the garden
26. Sowing seeds for spring in the greenhouse
27. Using wood ash
in the vegetable
1. Egg shell fertiliser powder
 2. Twig heart shaped hanging wreaths
3. Blackboard spoon & knife garden markers
4. Sea glass heart wreaths
5. Hose reel –
  Best idea ever!
6. Fairy tree in the garden
7. Chicken wire picture frame to hold seeds
8. Treasure & trinkets creeper wall

9. Chip barking
& mulching the
garden beds
10. DIY raised
sprinkler head
in the garden
11. New tank
by the shed
 12. Side driveway
creeper wall
1. Large vegie patch construction
2. Vegie patch planner
& diagram
 3. Vegie patch update 2014
4. Sowing seeds in biodegradable pots
 5. Side vegie patch update
 6. Side vegie patch: Growing beans, onions & spinach

 7. Seed saving

8. Sowing seeds for spring in the greenhouse
1. Treasure & Trinkets on our creeper wall

2. Mirror balls in our creeper garden

3. Purple Iris flowers in bloom
 4. How to grow bluebells (bulbs

5. Green orchids 6. Beautiful   creeper wall

7. Local wattles trees in bloom
8. AFL Football gnomes
9. Roses in bloom
10. DIY Wedding flowers & cinnamon sticks
11. Snowdrops the first sign of Spring
12. Camilas in bloom
1. Remodelling our rock wall
2. Retaining walls finished
3. Timber staircase completed
4. Concreting finished
5. Outdoor area roof on Raised garden
beds completed
7. Shed area make over
8. New pittosporum boundary trees
9. Backyard garden update 2014 Summer
10. Backyard garden update 2014 Autumn
 11. Side driveway gate built
12. DIY Hot water heater screen New pet chickens 
2. Country Fair
 3. Playing by the creek
4. Joshua’s play equipment & cubby  5. Plant nursery finds
6. Under the house storage
7.  Deck area down to the creek
8. Dragonfly visitor in our garden
9. Autumn 
leaves & trees
10. Blue tongue lizard at our house
11. Walking down by the creek
 12. Winter bonfire by the creek

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