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1. Lego learning theme play week
2. Material food & cooking theme week
 3.Technology & phone theme week
4. Puppet play theme week
5. Playing by the creek
6. Playing with play dough
7. Cars, trucks +
trains theme Numeracy
8. Wooden block & Lego constructions
 9. Australia Day kangaroo and
koala craft
10. Autumn leaves and trees
11. Local market & baby farm animals
12. New play area
in the rumpus
 13. Joshua’s first time seeing hail
14. Mixing paint colours with children
15. Alphabet literacy art and craft
16. Magnet maths numeracy games
 17. Our family trip to the zoo
 18. DIY Fairy house in the garden
 19. Family winter daytrip to
20. Family holiday to the great barrier reef & rainforest
1. Under the Sea dress up day at playgroup
2. Undercover sandpit and ball sports area
3. Building Lego Duplo houses
4. Joshua playing
in his sandpit
5. Joshua's playhouse birthday present
6. Joshua helps with the Christmas lights
 7. Visit to our local craft market
8. 1 year old & golden retriever playing keepings off VIDEO
9. Playing with magnets
10. Sand playdough
11. Joshua’s first time on a mini merry go round
12. Joshua’s first time playing with trains VIDEO

 13. Creating musical instruments

 14. New   trampoline  
15. Country fair daytrip
16. Castle cubby house
1. Baby nursery finished - 2012 Newborn
2. Baby clothes clean up and storage solution
3. Cleaning cupboard organisation & safety
4. Cleaning up Joshua's playpen
1. Children’s blackboard table and chairs
2. Baby nursery tallboy makeover
 3. Wicker
  nursery chair
4. Decorative
formula tins
5. Nursery
6. Cane toy box
paint and refresh
7. Posed photos
for Christmas
8. TV cabinet
into nursery

1. Our Baby Shower party
2. Baby shower thank you gifts

3. Easy jelly cups
for parties
4. 1st Birthday party blue theme
5. Buying birthday presents for little girls 0-2yo
6. 1st birthday party pink theme
7. Making party chocolate cupcakes with white icing

8. Oreo biscuit & Peppermint balls
9. 2nd Birthday party invitations
10. Joshua’s 2nd Birthday party Thomas theme
  11. DIY Chocolate Thomas the tank engine cupcakes
12. DIY birthday party lolly bags  1. How to make fruit ice cubes
baby food
2. Homemade 
 meat pies
 3. Chicken and vegetables star muffins
4. 5 main meals
for toddlers
 5. Beef mince and vegetables meatloaf
 6. Salmon, vegetable and cheese dinosaurs
 7. Vegetable muffins toddler
8. Ham, spring
onion, spinach &
feta mini quiches
 9. Dehydrated
fruit & vegie





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