Friday, 17 July 2015

Sowing seeds for Spring in trays

An easy way to save money and always have fresh produce is to grow your own food. If you have a greenhouse, you can grow seeds all year round as the temperature is warmer inside. If not, make a start in spring to give your plants a head start for summer. Determine when to plant seeds. Depending on your climate and the plant variety, planting times may vary. Check the seed packet for details.

First of all choose the tray or container that you would like to use. Our local nursery gives away black trays for each when you buy plants, so I will be using them. However I have had friends use plastic tubs or even old plastic bottles before.

Next you need to fill the containers 80% with soil. You can buy potting mix at most plant nurseries that will be fine for most seed types.

Put the soil into the container breaking it up as much as you can with your hand. I am using seeds that I have saved from last year’s harvest. We always save the seeds from the best specimens of each plant at the end of growing season. Here is more on how to save seeds from your vegie patch plants.

Open the seed packet and shake a few into the palm of your hand. Place the seeds at the desired distance apart and place them twice the size of seed down into the soil.

Then sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top of the seeds. Tap the tray, allowing the soil to settle into the corners. I like to label the seed trays so I know what is growing in them and see how fast they germinate. Gently water the trays and place in a warm sunny spot in the greenhouse or a protected space in the garden.

Here are some plants that I sowed 2 months ago.
They are strawberry plants and some boundary tree seedlings.
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