Saturday, 4 July 2015

Easy way to know you need to replace an indicator bulb

I just hate when you have been driving around with one of your indicator lights out and you don’t realise. However there is an easy way to know straight away when an indicator light is out. 

If your turn signal is blinking twice as fast as normal, it means one of the bulbs is broken. If you ever notice that your car's indicator arrow or lights are blinking very fast on the dashboard or on one side of the car, then one of the indicator light bulbs will be burnt out.  This decreases the load on the blinker module and makes it blink faster. If this is the case, turn on the emergency hazard button to flash on all 4 indicator lights and walk around the car and see which one is not blinking from one side to the other. Once you find which indicator light bulb is not working, take out the burnt bulb and replace it or take it to an auto repair shop. However the exception to this rule is that older cars (20+ years) will actually blink slower when a bulb is out.

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