Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Chicken area secure from predators and mice

About two months ago I was horrified to find a mouse in our chicken area. The unfortunate truth about mice is when you find one there is always more hidden from sight. So we decided to take action and find where they were getting in and block the hole.
I have always been hesitant to put rat or mice poison out in case the children or dog eat it. Also there is the possibly that our dog could eat a dead poisoned mouse and become very sick. Therefore we have always made sure that our chicken food in stored in metal containers in the shed that mice can’t eat through and that there is nothing to mice to stay in our shed or chicken area. 

When we first made the chicken area, we made sure to put bird mesh (1cm x 1cm squares) underneath the whole chicken area so rodents couldn’t burrow in. Mice will eat through a lot of things, but they hate metal and will stay away. However there were a few breaks in the wire where water had run down the side of the shed and moved soil and the mesh.  

We simply added extra bird mesh underneath the whole length of the shed on top of the pre-existing mesh. We then added a plank of wood to hold it down and secure it from any water runoff when it rains. Finally we added the chicken area floor bedding and straw on top. 

Two months later we haven’t had any mice return yet…
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