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10 weeks of menu planners & shopping lists

Over the years I have collected over 50 cookbooks full of wonderful recipes. The only problem is that I never really have time to look through them and plan my shopping list to include all the necessary ingredients. I've finally had the time to create 10 weeks worth of recipes folders with the accompanying grocery lists. The idea is that you go shopping once a week or fortnight and get all the ingredients, except for ingredients that have to be bought fresh.
We have made sure that there is a mix of meats and tastes for each week. My husband helped me to select the meals for each week and we often cook dinner together. I didn’t include breakfast or lunches, as these are often just something small like toast or leftovers from dinner. However I have included a special breakfast recipe for the weekend, as we like to have a family treat and eat together on the weekend. There are 6 dinner meals, as we often go out for dinner or take away on Friday nights or have a special event. If I know there is going to be an event that week, I simply shop for the ingredients for only 5 or 4 dinners.
The recipes and ingredients have the matching number on them, so I can shop for just the ingredients for that recipe if needed. Once a week I go to the local butchers and buy the meat I need. This way it is fresh and normally better value than the supermarkets. I also have a list for the second half of the week, as the recipes for Thursday, Friday or the weekend sometimes need fresh ingredients. Lastly I have a list of items that we normally have a large supply of in the house. I just need to check I have them or add them to my shopping list if needed.
My recipes are all kept in individual plastic sleeves so that they are kept clean. I also have left a few blank plastic sleeves in each fortnightly folder to easily add more recipes I find.
Some of my recipes are either printed straight from the Internet, scanned from my favourite cookbooks or creations we have made up. A lot of my recipes have been retyped and printed out just the way I like them. I always try to remember to reference the original source down the bottom of the recipe too.

Here are some of the recipes we have been using: 
Week 1 meals:
Filo feta triangles
Steak with wedges
Capsicum, beef & feta toss
Turkey pesto meatballs
Satay Chicken
Homemade pizza
Weekend breakfast special:
Grilled ham and cheese croissants
Week 2 meals:
Slow cooked beef stew
Turkey meatloaf
Balsamic chicken with spaghetti
Pesto stuffed pork rolls
Chicken Tacos
Bacon & tomato risotto
Weekend breakfast special:
Scrambled eggs
Week 3 meals:
Chicken mini pies
Lamb slow cooker
Carbonara fettucine
Bacon & sour cream chips
Southern Chicken
Weekend breakfast special:
Week 4 meals:
Spinach tomato tortellini
Beef stir fry with noodles
Texas BBQ flavoured steak
Creamy baked potatoes
Chicken stuffed filo
Chicken BBQ skewers
Weekend breakfast special:
Bacon & eggs Turkish bread
Week 5 meals:
Steak with wedges  
Chicken & ricotta rolls  
Bacon & chicken burgers  
Sundried tomato pastries
Turkey pesto pasta  
Cajun chicken  
Weekend breakfast special:
Bacon & egg blinis  
Week 6 meals:
Ham & spinach mini pies  
Scrambled eggs & wedges
Red pepper alfredo  
Beef tacos  
Chicken & potato bake  
Turkey in giant pasta shells  
Weekend breakfast special:
Berry fruit salad  
Week 7 meals:
Skewered chicken spirals  
Tomato & pesto risotto  
Capsicum, beef & feta toss  
Chicken & couscous salad  
Stuffed chicken  
Chicken gnocchi
Weekend breakfast special:
Scrambled eggs
Week 8 meals:
Roast vegie frittata  
Thai chicken  
Angel hair spaghetti toss  
Turkish meatballs with rice
Homemade pizza  
Sun dried tomato spaghetti  
Weekend breakfast special:
Ham croissants  
Week 9 meals:
Tomato & vegie chicken  
BBQ pork slow cooker  
Creamy mustard chicken  
Cajun beef rolls  
Turkey meatballs  
Weekend breakfast special:
Fresh fruit salad
Week 10 meals:
Creamy bacon chicken  
Pork stir fry with noodles  
Chicken & herb fritters  
Spinach & tomato gnocchi
Creamy baked potatoes  Balsamic chicken with couscous  
Weekend breakfast special:
Scrambled eggs with hash browns  
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