Saturday, 2 May 2015

Old rustic louvre cupboard makeover

Recently we picked up this rustic louvre cupboard for the bungalow at my parents’ house to store spare linen and home wares. However the cupboard had received a few knocks and bumps over the years. What it needed was a fresh coat of paint.

You can see that while the cupboard is structurally sound and in good condition, the paint work is chipped and stained in various areas.

The top of the cupboard also needed to be repainted. The outside of the cupboard had been painted with high gloss oil paint. So we had to give the whole cupboard a light sand. Then we gave it a wipe down and a fresh coat of multi-use primer. Once this had dried we used a low sheen furniture water paint in white.
Luckily the inside was spotless and a nice mocha brown colour. We decided to keep the inside of the cupboard the way it was, as it was very clean. 
Once all the paint had dried, we were able to fill it with lots of things.

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