Thursday, 7 May 2015

Easy jelly cups for parties

Here is any easy way to make party food that looks and tastes great. Jelly cups are simply jelly in cute little cups. You can make any flavour and any colour cups to suit your party theme. We used these for my son's 2nd birthday party. Here is a link to his party post.
For Joshua's Thomas the tank engine party we wanted blue and red jelly. So we made blueberry and strawberry jelly.

We simply bought 1 packet of each colour and made the jelly mixture. Then we very carefully tipped it into each jelly cup and placed them in the fridge to set. 

The next day or after about 5 hours you can insert the party theme flags.

The last thing to do was to place the jelly cups onto platters or on the party food table ready for the party!

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