Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bonfire down by the creek

Last summer we lost 2 large gumtrees. They often crack in the hot summer heat and fall over into the creek area. With a few friends help, we were able to chop most of it up into a large wood pile. We shared some the wood with our neighbours, as they have an indoor fireplace. We always use a few pieces of the hardwood to keep the fire going and maintain heat.
At last we are able to burn off the dead underwood from our creek area. Each autumn and winter our local fire brigade nominates days that the locals can have bonfires to clear their yards of dead trees of overgrowth.
After we had pruned all the large trees and anything that overhung onto the creek walking track, we had enough fuel to make a bonfire. We lit the fire with some newspaper and small twigs. Joshua even had some roasted marshmallows that afternoon, while I read a relaxing book by the fire in my deck chair.

Bonfire Safety tips:
  • Always have a water source nearby in case the fire gets out of hand. We always have a hose turned on ready to use if needed.
  • Only put enough wood on the fire to burn and make a moderate sized fire. You can always add more later on, instead of having an unsafe roaring large fire.
  • Never touch the hot embers or pieces of wood. Use a metal rake to push loose bits of ash or wood back into the main fire.
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