Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ideas for little girls 1st birthday parties

While in most cases a birthday party is just for the child, a first birthday party is really an opportunity for the parents to celebrate making it through the first year! Don't get overwhelmed planning for your child's 1st birthday party, have a friend or relative help out. Read on for tips on 1st birthday party ideas, games and activities and party foods!

Choosing a 1st birthday theme will make it easier to buy or make decorations, party ware and activities for your child's party.
Decide on a colour theme. The party photos here focus on pink, purple and aqua blue.
Select a location for your first birthday party that is familiar to your child. This could be your home, a grandparent's home, or a park you visit frequently. Create a play zone filled with age-appropriate toys for your little guests. Set chairs around the zone for parents to relax and watch.

The best time of the day to have a 1st birthday party is after your little one has had their nap. A well-rested baby is much more likely to enjoy a birthday party full of lots of noise and excitement. Little ones often find having a lot of people around unsettling. Therefore it is also advisable to have the party run for 1 to 2 hours. Babies have short attention spans and run out of energy and interest quickly.
Often young children will not want to participate in 1st birthday party games and activities. They may be happy to just watch from the sidelines with their parents.
Check your treats. Ask your guests if there are food allergies to consider. Keep snacks simple, like chopped fruit and graham crackers for the kids, and more grown-up versions for the adults to munch.
There are many adorable generic 1st birthday themes including:

Barnyard 1st Birthday                          Turtle 1st Birthday

Doll 1st birthday                                  Winter ONEderland 

Bunny themed birthday                       Up, Up & Away 1st birthday 

Sunshine & Raindrops 1st birthday       Vintage Modern 1st birthday 

Princess 1st birthday                           Alice in Wonderland birthday 

Tea party 1st birthday                         Picnic 1st birthday 

Under the Sea 1st birthday                   Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday 
As long as she's with you and feels love all around, that's all that matters.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Planning our new butler’s pantry in the kitchen

With the birth of our second child only 2 months away, my husband and I decided it was time to finish the kitchen. This way all the mess and dust would be gone by the time the baby comes. We have two entries to our formal longue and felt that the second entry would be better as a butlers pantry joined to the kitchen. Here are our ideas that I have seen in the new display homes, some diagrams of our kitchen layout and our progress so far.
 The butler's pantry will have a similar layout to the photo above. We are just deciding if we want cupboards on the bottom half or not.

I love the way that they have used cane baskets to store the fruit and vegies that don't need to be refrigerated. However I don't think I would store my bread like this, as it would go stall very quickly.
I also like the cane basket with dividers to hold your bottles of drink. If I can find one of these in the shops or online I will definitely be getting one :)
 This is what my husband likes the best - a few shelves with a bench and cupboards below.

Here are some diagrams of our kitchen layout before and two options of how to add a butler's pantry. We have two entries to our longue and felt that the second entry would be better as a butler's pantry joined to the kitchen. We will probably use option A.
  Option A)
 Option B)
   Before photo:
Here is a photo of the kitchen in the old layout. We have moved the fridge out of the allocated area to start making the doorway.
This is the old kitchen colour theme of forest green and cream. The new kitchen colour theme with be white and grey. Here my husband has started to smash through into the space between the kitchen and the lounge.
 Here the doorway has been removed and the plaster work has started. Now we need to demolish the old pantry to make way for the benches and shelves.
More to come soon...
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Sunday, 26 April 2015

DIY raised sprinkler stand

Recently I was over at friend’s house and saw what they had done in their garden. They live on an acre of manicured gardens and find that it takes a lot of time to water each day in the heat of summer.
Their time saving idea is to have sprinkler stands in each of their gardens, allowing the sprinkler water to reach each of the plants and the perimeter of the gardens.
To make the sprinkler stand they used a metal stake and a black piece of treated pine. Then they screwed the sprinkler to the top and sprayed it black. This one needs another coat of paint – they pointed out to me!
Then all you need to do is place it in the middle of your garden bed and connect the hose when it needs watering.
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bonfire down by the creek

Last summer we lost 2 large gumtrees. They often crack in the hot summer heat and fall over into the creek area. With a few friends help, we were able to chop most of it up into a large wood pile. We shared some the wood with our neighbours, as they have an indoor fireplace. We always use a few pieces of the hardwood to keep the fire going and maintain heat.
At last we are able to burn off the dead underwood from our creek area. Each autumn and winter our local fire brigade nominates days that the locals can have bonfires to clear their yards of dead trees of overgrowth.
After we had pruned all the large trees and anything that overhung onto the creek walking track, we had enough fuel to make a bonfire. We lit the fire with some newspaper and small twigs. Joshua even had some roasted marshmallows that afternoon, while I read a relaxing book by the fire in my deck chair.

Bonfire Safety tips:
  • Always have a water source nearby in case the fire gets out of hand. We always have a hose turned on ready to use if needed.
  • Only put enough wood on the fire to burn and make a moderate sized fire. You can always add more later on, instead of having an unsafe roaring large fire.
  • Never touch the hot embers or pieces of wood. Use a metal rake to push loose bits of ash or wood back into the main fire.
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