Saturday, 14 March 2015

New spring less trampoline in the backyard

Last Christmas we got Joshua a trampoline and recently put it up. We decided to buy a spring less trampoline that is 12 foot wide. Our whole family enjoys jumping on it. Joshua loves playing with his friends and cousins on it together.
It took a few hours to the trampoline up properly.

Bella inspecting underneath the trampoline as it goes up.

Joshua helping his dad and grandpa set up the trampoline.

We decided to get the spring less trampoline. It is much safer than having springs. I remember a friend getting her fingers stuck in the springs as a child. Ouch!
It has a large ladder to climb up and a safety zip around the entrance of the trampoline. It also has a mesh bad with sections to put your shoes in behind the stairs.
We had also added some soccer balls to play with when we are on the trampoline.

 We love the new trampoline. We have even had a go at a few tricks!
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