Monday, 23 March 2015

How to repot a standard rose

We have four standard roses in the front yard of our property. However one of our rose bushes was damaged during a large storm that also destroyed our garage. So I decided to buy a replacement rose to keep in a pot till the damaged rose dies.
You can get bare root roses in winter for a fraction of the cost that they are in summer. Then you will need to get a large plastic pot to them in. You can also get ceramic or terracotta pots, but they are very heavy to move. I know I will move this pot a lot to maximise the amount of sunlight it gets, so I have chosen a plastic pot.  We had 3 sizes available to choose from in the backyard, so I chose the middle size. I can always re-pot the rose bush again when needed.
The soil mix is one bag of potting mix or soil, with an equal amount compost. I mix this by hand in a large wheelbarrow. This size batch will about plant 3 roses. Line the bottom of the pot with a good handful or two of shredded mulch or pebbles. This allows the water to drain away and not drown your new plant. Add your rose to the near empty pot and fill it up with soil. Top off with a thin layer mulch or leaf litter.
In summer expect to water your potted roses every day, unless it rains in the evening. Protect your new bare root roses from the hot afternoon sun. Filtered sun, or morning sun and afternoon shade, should do fine.

Good luck with your new rose bush.
Lady Creativity

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