Saturday, 21 March 2015

Finished Study photos

Recently we finished our study area. It had been looking very plain and not finished for about a year while we were busy finishing off all the other projects. Here are some photos of the completed study area.  
 We are very lucky as our study is actually the size a bedroom (without the 4th wall). We kept the colour theme simply and used dark brown timber grain with black and white.
 I used an Ikea bookshelf to fill this space. We really needed to have a bit more storage and this seemed like the best solution.
We quickly filled the storage boxes with technology and paper for the study. 
 The next thing we did was to buy 2 brown trays to sit under the bench to hold all of our most important cords and chargers. This way we will never lose them anymore.
I also have a lovely spot to keep all my gardening books! 
 A while ago I made a formula tin container to store my little's boy craft items in. So recently when we cleaned out our study, it gave me a great idea of how to organise all our textas, pens, paperclips and items on our desk. 

 We even bought a new wireless printer for the study! 
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