Monday, 23 March 2015

How to repot a standard rose

We have four standard roses in the front yard of our property. However one of our rose bushes was damaged during a large storm that also destroyed our garage. So I decided to buy a replacement rose to keep in a pot till the damaged rose dies.
You can get bare root roses in winter for a fraction of the cost that they are in summer. Then you will need to get a large plastic pot to them in. You can also get ceramic or terracotta pots, but they are very heavy to move. I know I will move this pot a lot to maximise the amount of sunlight it gets, so I have chosen a plastic pot.  We had 3 sizes available to choose from in the backyard, so I chose the middle size. I can always re-pot the rose bush again when needed.
The soil mix is one bag of potting mix or soil, with an equal amount compost. I mix this by hand in a large wheelbarrow. This size batch will about plant 3 roses. Line the bottom of the pot with a good handful or two of shredded mulch or pebbles. This allows the water to drain away and not drown your new plant. Add your rose to the near empty pot and fill it up with soil. Top off with a thin layer mulch or leaf litter.
In summer expect to water your potted roses every day, unless it rains in the evening. Protect your new bare root roses from the hot afternoon sun. Filtered sun, or morning sun and afternoon shade, should do fine.

Good luck with your new rose bush.
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Finished Study photos

Recently we finished our study area. It had been looking very plain and not finished for about a year while we were busy finishing off all the other projects. Here are some photos of the completed study area.  
 We are very lucky as our study is actually the size a bedroom (without the 4th wall). We kept the colour theme simply and used dark brown timber grain with black and white.
 I used an Ikea bookshelf to fill this space. We really needed to have a bit more storage and this seemed like the best solution.
We quickly filled the storage boxes with technology and paper for the study. 
 The next thing we did was to buy 2 brown trays to sit under the bench to hold all of our most important cords and chargers. This way we will never lose them anymore.
I also have a lovely spot to keep all my gardening books! 
 A while ago I made a formula tin container to store my little's boy craft items in. So recently when we cleaned out our study, it gave me a great idea of how to organise all our textas, pens, paperclips and items on our desk. 

 We even bought a new wireless printer for the study! 
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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Country Fair day trip

Last weekend we decided to visit some friends who live in country Victoria. They informed us that there would be the local fair on with lots of fun activities for young children. This included baby farm animals, mini golf, face painting, cart rides, vegetable growing competitions, and market stalls with local produce and craft.
We had to set out at dawn to drive the 2 hour trip and arrive for the start of the country fair. It was a beautiful drive with lovely scenery.


Joshua loved playing with and feeding the baby farm animals. His favourites were the guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and lambs.

There was plenty of hay to give the goats, calves and lambs.

Then we visited the reptile area and got to pat a lizard. Joshua wasn't sure he liked the feel of the lizard's scales!

Then it was time to have a quick ride around the fair ground on a mini train. Joshua loved the ride and looking at all the events happening.
He even managed to wave to me as they zoomed by!

After a delicious home grown lunch it was time to go. We bought many different things that the local people had grown or made.

By the time we were almost home dusk had come. Joshua slept most of the way home in the back of the car! He was exhausted after a wonderful day at the country fair.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Walking by the creek

There is a nature reserve near my parent's house that leads down to a fresh water creek. The creek and walking track next to it go for about 3kms. 
We walk down the stairs to the reserve and creek.
Creeks within the Mornington Peninsula are mainly rural catchments, with some remnant forest that flow into Port Phillip Bay.

There is nothing as nice as the sounds of flowing water and the fresh air down there. 

Native animals and plants found here:
These rivers and creeks include populations of threatened swamp skinks, river blackfish, mountain galaxias, southern toadlet, growling grass frogs, dwarf galaxias, native raspberries and orchids.

Lastly we walk back up the steps in the garden to the house.  

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