Thursday, 26 February 2015

Joshua's first time seeing hail

A few weeks ago we were hit by a large hair storm. Joshua was very excited as he hadn’t seen hail before. The storm lasted for about an hour and hailed for about 20 minutes. The resulting hailstones were a medium size and big enough to pick up. Here are some photos of the house and garden afterwards:
The garden was covered in small hailstones and had a white layer over everything!

Our car wasn't damaged, however the garden beds with roses were completely covered in ice. Luckily I didn't have to drive anywhere that day.

 There were piles of ice everywhere you looked!

 Luckily all of our fruit trees haven't got there leaves and therefore did not get damaged.
The vegie patch even ended up with a large amount of ice over it. Luckily most of my winter seedlings are safe in the warm greenhouse. Our chickens next to the vegie patch were also fine as the chicken enclosure is fully roofed.

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