Thursday, 5 February 2015

DIY Fairy tree in the garden

I take Joshua and our golden retriever for a walk every few days and we seem to be always walking past long pieces of bark. I always try to think of something to make with them until I got this idea - to make a fairy house for the creeper wall. Here is how I made our fairy house:
 Here is a photo of the whole wall. When I was collecting the bark, I tried to get pieces that matched in texture and colour.
 I hot glue gunned the pieces of bark together.
Then I made two 'branches' to add to the sides.
 I got the doors and windows from a lady at our local craft market a few weeks ago.
 I put some flat pebbles and sea glass near  the front door.
 Now I will let the creeper grow into the stepping stones.
 We also have many ceramic mushrooms and toadstools in the garden.
Here are the mirror balls in the garden that I recently got too.
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