Monday, 2 February 2015

Completed children’s play rumpus room

Here is a look at our newly furnished playroom in the upstairs rumpus room. Joshua turned two last year and we have been slowly building up the toys and games he loves.
One of his favourite is Thomas the tank engine and his train set table. He got a lot of these toys for Christmas.  

Last summer we got a large 9 kw air conditioner to cool the whole upstairs area and bedrooms. Click here to see the nursery and Joshua's big bedroom.

The couch is opposite a large TV with the Wii fit. We also play the Sesame street Wii alphabet and number games. Click here for a link to make the vase with sticks.

Joshua loved exploring his new playroom and the books on the shelf.
The large wicker storage containers on the right contain Joshua's toys.
 The train table is his favourite toy at the moment. He loves the small Thomas and Percy trains that go around on the track.
  Here are some close ups of the new Ikea bookcase. We have used it as a room divider as well. Joshua loves picking some books from this shelf, as they are different from the books in his bedroom.
I love the turquoise coloured metal weave containers.

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  1. Wow! Joshua's playroom is looking really sharp. Those are some nice furniture with really calming colors. You have setup a very comfortable ambience, which is only accentuated by the airconditioning unit you have installed. Great job all around! Thanks for giving us a tour, Natalie! All the best!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp


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