Monday, 9 February 2015

Cars, trucks and trains play theme

I thought I would share the theme for this week (and month!). Joshua's favourite toys recently have been his cars and trains. We have the trains set up on a large wooden play table and the cars are set up on a large road map carpet. However you can play with them anywhere you like!

Recently we started focusing on learning about different forms of transport. We have been discussing trains, trucks, bikes, cars and boats. We have using this puzzle to discuss and identify the types of transport. Over the last month we have also used or visited most of these forms of transport. This included seeing the boat races, taking a trip on a scenic train ride and watching the local summer bike races around the bay.

Joshua received a cark road map rug and wooden car park tower for his 2nd birthday. Recently he has begun to really enjoy playing with the cars and driving around the car mat. He even has some of my old vintage toy cars.

Colour sorting activity
All you need to do is find a large area on the carpet or table and place all the toy cars on it. Then ask the child to look for the different colours and sort them into groups.
An extension would be to make predictions about which colours would have the most and least cars. 

Counting activity – Counting & Number Recognition
We have started a game where we count each car that drives up into the parking garage. Joshua doesn’t know all the numbers yet, so he just copies me after I say the numbers.   Click here for more fantastic ideas for educational games with cars.

 We have also been focusing on improving his fine and gross motor skills. We purchased some plastic cones and have been practising driving around them. Joshua loves it!
We also have fun doing this in the garage when it raining and Joshua wants to go outside! This way we can go outside and not get wet in the rain.
We also recently bought a remote controlled car to play with inside. I'm not sure if it's my son's toy or my husbands sometimes!
With sections of train track, buildings, trees and trains, you can build their own track and scene. We have about 10 train carriage pieces with the Thomas and Percy trains.

We also set the train tracks out on the concrete outside and draw the scenery around it with chalk.  

Lastly we have also started doing some water painting. As Thomas the tank engine is Joshua's favourite, we have mainly been doing train pictures.
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