Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tips for travelling with dogs in cars

If you're planning to travel by car with your pet, you should prepare in advance. There are many things you can organise beforehand to help your pet have a comfortable and smooth ride in the car. Here is a photo of our golden retriever travelling safely in our boot area of our 4 wheel drive. Joshua is pointing to her!
  • Never leave an animal unattended in a parked vehicle!
  • If your pet has never been in the car before, begin by allowing your dog to wander around your car with the motor off. Then start with short trips until you and your dog become familiar with traveling by car together.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing its identification tags in case it manages to escape you during the trip.
  • Portable water bowls and bottled water are a great idea. Don't forget a pooper scooper, waste bags, treats, an extra leash and your pet's favourite pillow or toy for comfort.
  • During any trip, it's important to stop often so your pet can stretch its legs, relieve itself and burn off some excess energy. Stop the car often to let your pet out on a leash to stretch its legs and sniff out its new surroundings.
  • Remember safety first, if you don't have a large window boot in your car, your dog will have to travel on a seat. Most dogs find sleeping an easy way to cope with motion sickness. We put our dog’s favourite large pillow bed in the back of our 4 wheel drive so she can lay down comfortable.
  • Purchase a dog safety seat and it will be safer and more comfortable for your dog if your turn or stop the car suddenly. These belts ensure that should an accident occur your pet is not thrown from the vehicle or into other passengers.
  • Do not feed your dog just before the trip. Feed him at least a few hours before. It is better not to give him a bone or food treats because if he feels sick he will vomit it back up. Squeaky toys are also undesirable as they will drive you crazy.  
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