Thursday, 8 January 2015

Purple Iris flowers in bloom

Over the last week our Iris flowers have been opening up. It is very exciting as we only planted them (out of season) last year and have not had any flowers till now. Here is more information about how we set up the retaining walls and the gardens.
Irises are hardy perennial plants that are reliable and easy to grow. Most irises flower in early summer. Irises also attract butterflies and make lovely cut flowers. 

Plant iris plants in mid- to late summer. When planting, top-dress with a low-nitrogen fertilizer and repeat each spring. Irises need at least half a day of sun and well-drained soil. Without enough sun, they won't bloom. Soil drainage is very important as bearded irises have rhizomes that should be partially exposed, or thinly covered with soil in hot climates.
 This colour is one of my favourite's in the garden.

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