Monday, 5 January 2015

How to clean you shower exhaust fan cover

Yesterday I noticed that our upstairs shower exhaust fan was filthy! I couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed this before. It seemed like only yesterday I cleaned it (actually I think it was a few months ago).
So I decided I was going to clean it right away. Here is how:
 As you can see, it looks much better after I cleaned it.
It also means that it is saving power by being more efficient.
It was very clogged up with yucky and unhealthy dust from inside the house. I clean our house once or twice a week, but you still always have dust entering the house. 
The first thing I did was to turn the fan OFF, as you can chop your fingers off if not. Then I removed the fan cover. I took it to our laundry sink and cleaned all the dust off with a brush. Next I washed it with anti-bacterial washing detergent and let it drip dry. 1 hour later it was very clean and dry.  
I simply put it back up into the roof fan and it was ready to go. Now I have been inspired to clean all the other vents in the house over the next few days. My first job is the roof heater vents and air intake vents. Then I will check our air conditioning vents.
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