Saturday, 17 January 2015

Decorating our house with teal & blue

Recently we have been busy updating the décor in our house to include more blue-turquoise-teal tones. Here are some of the inspirations from the shops and what we have done in the house so far.
Here is the result of a busy shopping day in op shops and our local lifestyle stores. Now we have heaps of blue/teal trinkets to decorate the house with!
 After I saw this bed set up, we decided to get some of the cushions. Here they are on our couch in the lounge.
I also bought a lovely handmade blue and teal rug from our local craft market.
  Here is a close up of the pattern and colours.
 Here are the candle holders that we have on our outdoor table. I store them in the garage so they don't blow over in the wind.   
 Here are the new towels and candle burner in our downstairs powder room for guests.
 Lastly we have updated the play room/rumpus area upstairs to have more blue.

Here is our coffee table in the living room:

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