Thursday, 15 January 2015

Buying 1st birthday presents for little girls

After having a little boy and buying toys that he likes for 2 years, I found it was a little bit daunting to buy presents for a friends little girl's 1st birthday party. However once I got to the shops, there was plenty of things that a 1 year old girl would love. Here are some ideas for buying 1st birthday presents for little girls.
The first thing is to ask the parent if there is anything in particular that they would like for their child in your price range. If not go straight to the toys, clothes or book section of your largest retail store and have a look for great ideas.
This is what I got a little girl for her 1st birthday. I had never met the child as her parents work with my husband. I was unsure what to get her as I didn't know here favourite toys, games or characters. So I decided to get some cute clothes for her.
I also got some pretty gift bags and tissue paper to wrap the presents in.  
I love the leotard with a sparkly skirt.
Recently we had another friend's little girl turn 1. I knew the family well, so I got some toys and clothes for her. I know that this baby deer is a favourite at our playgroup, so it was a definite choice for the present.
 Also make sure that the card and wrapping paper match the theme you are using. This time I was using pink as the theme.
 If you are really stuck for ideas you can always get the child a book. Joshua loved having books read to him at 1 year old and most girls do to.
Good luck with your present shopping.
Lady Creativity

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