Monday, 1 December 2014

Week 49: Household tasks and cleaning checklist

Household tasks and cleaning
* Vacuum and turn mattresses and bed frames.
* Vacuum and wipe walls, doors and ceilings. Especially around light switches.
* Dust and wash skirting boards, blinds, corners, sills and blinds
* Spray and wipe benches, windex glass surfaces and mirrors. Wipe hand and pet prints from windows, walls and sliding doors.
* Empty trash bins. Spray and wipe the insides and outsides. 

Garden and outdoor care
* Prepare garden beds for planting. Cover soil with a layer of well-aged compost and mix with a garden fork.
* Harvest early potatoes, peas, summer salads, strawberries, raspberries and cherries.
* Sow into the ground summer cabbages, cauliflower, peppers, lettuce, pumpkin, squash, runner beans and zucchini.
* Water plants in garden beds if 3 or more dry days. 

* Take better control of my work-life balance. Leave work in a timely manner.
* Set achievable goals for 2 months and revise uncompleted previous goals
* Go and collect natural craft items such as seaglass, pinecones, drift wood, shells, flat pebbles and branches. Check for local low tides.
* Talk about work, feelings and stress to friends and loved one.
* Do Wii fit workout and walk dog. If I cannot walk or do Wii fit, then run up and down stairs 20 times.
* Make meal planner for week
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