Sunday, 14 December 2014

Potting up seeds for summer in biodegradable cardboard pots

Just a quick update today as I have been very busy in the garden and on my potting table in the shed. Today my job were to re-pot rot bound fruit trees (see the mess) and to plant some tomato seeds in these biodegradable cardboard pots. I have been told that you can actually plant them in the ground and they will rot as the roots spread to the edges of the pot (in the next month). However I'm not sure how they will go. I think they could become rot bound very easily.
I think I will still need to remove the seedlings in a few weeks when they are ready for the ground and replant the tomato plants in the vegie patch. I have chosen tomato plants to experiment with as they don't mind having their roots disturbed. All you have to do is plant them with an each 5cm-2inches of stem under the ground and they will grow new roots happily.  
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