Thursday, 20 November 2014

Visit to our local craft market

Last weekend we went to our local craft market. We were lucky that the weather was so nice, as it had been raining everyday the whole last week.
 Here is what we bought:
  • freshly made chocolate covered liquorice
  • French pancakes for brunch with icing sugar and maple syrup
  • local made honey from Peninsula Honey
  • a new scarf and beanie
  • some doggie treats for Bella our golden retriever
  • 2 fresh organic soaps for home - lemongrass & rose
  • Cute handmade toys for a friend's baby shower next month
 One of the first stalls that we saw were selling wooden letters to put on bedroom doors. We just loved them and decided to get some for Joshua's door.
Here is the colour combination we got.
 We also bought some lavender cordial - my favourite. I have been keen to try and make some for quite a while, but this stuff is amazing. I don't think I'll even make it this good!
 Then Joshua spotted the animal farm! So off we went to play with the baby animals :)
 These chickens and roster are HUGE compared to our little chickens at home.
 Joshua's favourite animal has always been the guinea pigs.
I love all the hot food at this market.
Lady Creativity

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