Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Vegie patch update Spring

A few months ago my husband completed building our new large vegie patch. It is about 20 metres by 3 metres wide. I thought I would show you what has been happening. I have improved the clay into soil in the vegie patch and transplanted lots of different fruits, herbs and vegetables into the large vegie patch.
I have successfully transplanted my mint varieties to the large vegie patch. At the moment I am growing 2 varieties – spearmint and chocolate mint (my favourite). I have been very watchful that they don’t take over the whole garden and have been periodically harvesting the mint to keep it under control.  Here is more information about to grow mint. 
Broad beans are one of the easiest plants to grow. I have always had better success from seeds over transplanting bean plants from the greenhouse. Beans begin to ripen from the base of the plant up, so check the lower part of the vine from early spring.
1 month ago
They will more than likely need a support if not densely planted. Even densely planted beans will benefit from some loose string tied between stakes to hold up plants just around the outer edges of your patch. They have grown a lot in the last month.
Later that day we were very excited to harvest about a 1kg of beans once we checked all the bean bushes.
We sowed the tomatoes in late winter in a greenhouse and planted they once them were big enough to go in the ground. Make sure to space them at least 35cm apart.  Here is more information about growing tomatoes.
Here is our broccoli area of the vegie patch. This is my first try at growing broccoli and I am very happy with the results!
Corn and Sweet Peas:
A friend recommended growing corn and sweet peas together, as the peas can climb up the corn stalks as they both grow. I am not sure how it will go, but it is fun to watch and see. I made sure to plant the corn in a grid structure, as they are much more likely to succeed.

 2 months later that corn crop is growing fantastically and has taken over the sweet peas!
I love growing garlic and drying it in summer time. I have planted about 50 cloves this year, as I hope to have enough to last the whole year without buying any. Here is more information about growing garlic.
In the past I have always grown my seed potatoes in a large pot. With the completion of the large vegie patch, I have been very exciting to see how they grow in to ground. I have made sure that there is a large pile of soil next the potato plants, to mound them up when the time is right.
1 month ago
They are thriving 2 months later. I am growing the variety royal blue. Here is more information on how to grow potatoes.

Here are my rosemary bushes. I planted about 10 bushes as we use it a lot. I love harvesting rosemary and drying it to use in our cooking. I can’t wait to these bushes are large enough!
This year is the first year I have successfully grown pumpkins from seed and transplanted them into garden. Now we have a huge area of the vegie patch covered in pumpkin plants!  Here is a photo of the largest pumpkin we have grown so far.

We love all kinds of berries and have tried to get as many varieties as we can. Here are the plants we have in the vegie patch at the moment.
Strawberries x10
  Blueberries x5
 Thornless blackberry x3
 Whitecurrant x5
Our latest purchase was an apricot tree! I will update you soon on its progress.
I hope you enjoy growing fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables as much as we do. I will try to keep you updated on what's going in our vegie patch.
 Joshua and Bella loved helping to harvest the fresh fruit and vegetables.

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