Sunday, 30 November 2014

Repairs to the garage after the storm

A few months ago our garage was destroyed during a large thunderstorm that the weather channel called a mini cyclone.  I came home to find our garage door flying around. Here is how it was repaired in the following weeks. Click here to see the damage.

 Here is the front of the garage before the damage.
On the day of the damage, a builder from our insurance company came and secured the front of the garage with wood.

A few weeks later the repair work began.
The builders removed the wood panels to gain access to the garage.

The builders removed the wood panels and stared to remove the old plaster roof.
There was plaster board everywhere! I was excited to see the inside of the garage roof cavity. We made add a pull down ladder in the future to use this space for storage.

The view of the garage mess from the back.
A few days later they began to lay the new plaster roof.

The next step is to cover the gaps with filler and sand it once it dries.
Finally the new garage door was installed. We chose a stronger model than our previous roller door, as the location of our house means we sometimes experience strong sea winds.
The new garage door is a panel lift.
Later that week the painter came to paint the garage roof and new plaster roof. We had to have the floor painted as the old garage door caused damage to concrete when it was flapping around in the storm.
We love the finished product!

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