Saturday, 29 November 2014

Flying garage door after large thunderstorm

A few months ago our garage was destroyed during a large thunderstorm that the weather channel called a mini cyclone. We never have large storms like this one, so it all came as a bit of a surprise. I came home to find our garage door flying around. It had destroyed the roof inside the garage and most of the items inside. See the video below.

Here is a photo of the front of the garage as it was happening.
The garage door was flapping so hard that it ripped the clothes dryer door off! 
Here is our pile of Christmas lights for the front of the house.
They have been partially destroyed.
The bar area of the garage was also damaged. The cupboard door had been removed and the bar fridge as destroyed. The bikes had to be replaced too.
My next DIY project was also destroyed. I had planned to paint this set of drawers. However they were too damaged to repair.
We were very luckily that Bella didn't get hurt or run away in the ordeal.
The next job was to remove all the items from the inside of the garage so it could be assessed by the insurance company. What a mess!
 I will update soon on how the repairs went.

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