Saturday, 22 November 2014

DIY Timber hot water heater screen

Recently we decided to cover our old hot water system with a timber screen. The hot water system is grey and looks ugly in our outdoor entertaining area. Here is how we made the timber screen:
 It is very ugly and is an eyesore in the entertaining area.
 DIY steps:
Step One: We measured the outline of the hot water system and made sure the frame had enough room to smoothly be wheeled away if needed. We allowed 5cm on each side.
 side view of the frame
 Step Two: Then we added the wheels and made sure it could be moved around easily.
Step Three: Then my husband painted the frame 'woodlands grey' to match our outdoor area.
Step Four: You need to decide which wood you will use to cover the sides of the frame. We chose a merbau timber and got it cut to the exact measurements.
 Step Five: Then you need to drill in some guide holes to help attach the timber later.
Step Six: Use your electric drill to screw the timber into the frame. We used a screwdriver to make sure the timber stayed straight and didn't slip while we were drilling.
 Repeat on the other 2 sides.
Side view of the finished product before the stain was added.
 Front view of the finished product before the stain was added.
 Step Seven: Add a stain to the timber to protect it.
Once the stain was added to the timber it was finished!
 A few weeks later we found this serving table at Ikea. So we added it to our BBQ area :)
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