Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Spooky bat and full moon

Recently my husband discovered a ‘big black bug thing’ or ‘massive spider’ in the garage. He quickly came to get me so we could figure what it was and if it was dangerous before we put the dog out for the night.
This is what I saw at first. It is about as big as my fist. I didn’t panic, but had absolutely no idea what it was. I decided to get the camera so I get a closer view.
I took this picture on the camera to zoom and try to figure out what it was. Then we realised it was a local little forest bat who had lost their way. Phew… we were SO glad it wasn’t a massive mutant spider!
We decided to leave it for 10 minutes and see if it would fly away. Luckily it did and was nowhere to be found. However we did find a spooky full moon in the overcast sky to match our spooky visitor. Here is some extra information on little forest bats.
Little Forest Bats:
It is found only in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania. It is a tiny bat often weighing less than 4 grams. Little Forest Bats roost in hollows in old trees, buildings, and timber stacks. Up to 50 bats roost together in a colony. Little Forest Bats breed once a year and produce only one baby in the summer. Little Forest Bats hunt small insects that fly through forests. They usually eat their prey as they fly. They will land on trees to eat if they catch large prey. Little Forest Bats are vulnerable to loss of roost sites in tree hollows and loss of feeding grounds by forestry activities, clearing for agriculture and housing.

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