Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Organising the mess in the garage

When we first moved into this house, we had a lot of furniture from our previous house. The logical option was to store the spare furniture and boxes in the garage. It started off very organised and neat. However after almost 2 years it is now a junk pit. So we decided it was time to clean the mess in the garage. Here is what we did. 
 It contained building materials, spare chairs, our old BBQ and old boxes.
First we decided to push it all to one side. Next we systematically went through each box and decided if we would keep, donate or throw out.
After we decided what we would keep (a lot!) we had to find a new storage system to make it safe. That door is now our laundry door - see an update soon. My husband drew some plans and started to build storage cabinets and cupboards. He also wanted to incorporate a bar area if possible. Here is what he came up with.
Well he got what he wanted, just in time for his 30th birthday too! He built the storage cupboards and then put metal checker plate as the bench top. We were able to store all the tools and outdoor materials in the cupboards.

Under the bar is a stereo system and the clothes dryer. The clothes dryer vents outside and is hidden by a vinyl panel that lifts up for easy access. Ryan also put a photo of the boys on our wedding day above the bar.

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