Saturday, 25 October 2014

DIY Chicken wire picture frame to hold seeds

 Here is my most recent project, an old frame with chicken wire added to peg up my vegie patch seeds. I got this idea from a friend who had something similar for photos.
 Step One: Choose your frame to upcycle. My mum gave me this one ages ago.
 Step Two: Remove the painting or picture and the cardboard inserts.
 I recycled the wood and cardboard backings.
Step Three: Paint the frame with an all purpose primmer paint.
 Step Four: Paint the frame with the colour you want it to be. I chose a metallic grey.
Step Five: Cut the chicken wire to size. Then use a strong staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the back. Make sure you pull the wire tight.
 You may need someone to help pull the wire into position. I did!
 Check you are happy with it.
Step Six: Cover the sharp edges of the wire with duct tape so you don't hurt yourself and don't dent the wall when you hang it up.
I added a blackboard heart too.
 Step Seven: Then sort through the seeds you want to peg on the board.
Peg the seeds to the board.
Step Seven:  I got these cute heart pegs off eBay. I am going to use a different colour peg for each family of plants or season.
Step Eight: Hang up the finished product.
 I added some pretty autumn leaves I found last week too.  
Here is my cute upcycled seed holder.
This is where I will put the seeds that I am planting next.
 This is an old seed banner that I had in the shed. So I added some to the corner.
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