Thursday, 2 October 2014

Backyard garden update 2014 Autumn

Here is an update on how the backyard is changing and improving!
Ornamental Pears:
 They have grown about 1 metre and have started to turn red for Autumn.
Purple Irises:
 Our large bunches of purple irises have started to bloom.

 The chickens love free ranging in the backyard.
 They have explored the whole backyard now and have their favourite areas.
 The whole lawn is now green!

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  1. How often do you water your Pittosporums? they look good

    1. Hi,
      We water our whole garden twice a week unless it has recently rained. Then I wait 2 days after the rain and water. However, I water every morning on days is going to be very hot, that way the plants get a drink before the heat burns the leaves. Hope that helps :)


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