Wednesday, 15 October 2014

2nd birthday party Thomas train cupcakes

Here are the instructions for how we made the Thomas the tank engine cupcakes for Joshua's 2nd birthday party. Here is a link to photos of the party.
They are very easy to make and you can use any cake recipe you like. Here is the recipe I used. I used four different cake patty pans for the cake mixture to sit in.
 I baked about 50 cupcakes to make sure we had plenty for the party in the oven the day before.
 Then they were cooled on a cooling rack.
An hour later I placed them on the kitchen bench ready to be iced.
 Then for the fun part of adding colour to the white icing. I made the blue icing first. I used metal egg cutter to cut the circles for the top of the cakes. It is exactly the right size for my muffin tray that I use.
 Then I put the wet icing onto about a third of the cupcakes. Make sure you keep a small amount of blue icing to make cup toppers for later.
 Next I repeated this with the red icing. It looks orange for some reason in this photo.
 Then I repeated with the left over white icing and make lots of cut out trains and stairs for the cake toppers. Last I put little Thomas the tank engine flags on each cupcake.

After a few hours of drying and setting time, I put the cupcakes onto display. 
 I had some inside the house near the jelly and lolly bags.
 We had some next to the birthday cake.
We also had some to put outside for dessert time.
 We even had enough for leftovers to take to playgroup that week.

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