Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wish list shopping for my birthday

It is my birthday in a couple of weeks and I have been busy shopping with my family for present ideas. It is our tradition that the birthday person picks a few things out that they like and then our family will get one or two of them as a present. This way you know that the person will like what they get as a present and it is still a surprise on the day. So here are some of my wish list items for my birthday.
Our first stop was at one on my favourite home wares stores. I absolutely love most of the items they have for sale. It was hard to choose a few items in the right price range.
I love their bathroom set up. I'm still in love with yellow, but don't think it would suit the colour theme in our house.
 I also love the laundry baskets with the white strip on the bottom.
I think I might add that one to the list :)
I had always loved these chairs, but I know my husband won't let me get one to I finish reupholstering the two chairs and ottoman similar to this one I have at home first. I have been dragging my feet with this project, as I'm searching for the perfect material to cover them in.
At the moment I really like the turquoise blue colour that is in the shops everywhere. It goes fantastically with all Joshua's blue toys and blankets.
I found these cute blackboards for the kitchen or laundry for $10. I think I might get one for the new butler's pantry we are building.
 Another cure chair, but it was a bit pricey!
Here are some fake plastic flowers I think I might use to decorate a dead corner in our lounge room. More to come on this soon.
 These are such a cute idea for a vase. I think I will add them to my wish list too.

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