Monday, 15 September 2014

Week 38: household tasks and cleaning checklist

Household tasks and cleaning
Spray and wipe hand and pet prints from windows, glass doors, TVs and surfaces.
Remove filters in air conditioners and either clean or replace them.
Clean pots and pans
Clean up and organise bedside tables, jewellery with correct products, shoes and cosmetics.
Bleach toilets, bathtubs, showers, spa and sinks.
Change and launder sheets and pillowcases. Check throw rugs for marks and shake of dust.
Book haircuts if needed for family and pets. 

Garden and outdoor care
Top up worm farm with scraps. Use worm tea on unhealthy plants. Turn the compost heap.
Liquid fertilise crops that have been in all winter. Check gardens for weeds.
Tidy up perennial herbs by giving them a good trim. Propagate mint or chives by digging up and dividing. 
Have people over for visits on at least once a month. Friends take away night
Take dog to leash free park
Volunteer to help out at a charity or collect items to help them.
Make or create a new fun activity for grandparents to do when minding children.
Do Wii fit workout and walk dog. If cannot walk or Wii fit, then run up and down stairs 20 times.
Make meal planner for week. Try new recipes
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