Thursday, 18 September 2014

Turning clay into great garden soil

 Here is a before shot of my vegetable garden. It is completely made out of red clay. I knew that the vegies wouldn't grow in the clay and that I would have to do something about this.
Vegie patch before:
After we had our entertaining area excavated, they dumped all the remaining clay at the back fence. This is what it looked like above. Then we put the garden edges in.
 Full of clay. You can even see the lawn on the side is not very good either!
Step 1:
Dig over the hard clay with a garden fork to aerate the soil.
Step 2:
Add good garden soil or compost, aged manure and worm castings. 
Vegie patch after:
Bella thought the soil smelt pretty good!

 Our first crop of garlic growing in the new soil in the vegie patch!
 Lawn before:
 When we moved in the 'lawn' was covered in clay and rocks with small patches of grass.
 Lawn after:
Six months later after various lawn soil mixes added and liquid fertilisers.
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