Saturday, 13 September 2014

Technology & phone theme play week

 This week our play theme is talking on phones and technology.  Joshua has always loved talking on the real phone, so I got him some old 'real' phones and a keyboard from the local thrift shop for about 50 cents each. Then they were disinfected and ALL the batteries/cords/dangerous items were removed. He also has a keyboard and toy phone.
 He loves hearing the numbers make a beep noise when you dial the numbers.
 He enjoys the sensation of typing on the keyboard.
 The table set up ready to go.
Safety Warning:
Please make sure you remove ALL batteries, loose cords or buttons from the objects. We removed all of these and super-glued the compartments shut. Keyboards sometimes have loose keys, so please keep a watch on children. We put them away in a safe & high place once we have finished playing so no accidents can occur.
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