Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Painting and mixing colours with children

This is our little boy painting at playgroup. He absolutely LOVES painting.
This made me realise that I should do more of this at home. As a child I was very artistic and even used to do oil paintings. Here is a simple colour chart I made to hang on our wall.
Primary Colours:
Red, Yellow and Blue
Secondary Colours:
Red mixed with Yellow = Orange
Red mixed with Blue = Purple
Blue mixed with Yellow = Green 
Tertiary colours:
Orange mixed with Yellow = Light Orange
Orange mixed with Red = Burnt Orange 
Green mixed with Yellow = Lime Green
Green mixed with Blue =  Turquoise 
Purple mixed with Red = Magenta
Purple mixed with Blue = Dark Purple 

Everyone has to start somewhere. This was Joshua's first go at painting.
Lady Creativity

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