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Joshua's 2nd birthday party Thomas the Tank Engine theme

A few weeks ago it was Joshua's 2nd birthday party. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine theme party, as it is his favourite TV show and character. He will always point to pictures of Thomas and say "toot toot" as the shops or playgroup. Here is how we prepared the food, decorated the house and set up the party for Joshua's Thomas the Tank Engine 2nd birthday party.
About 6 weeks before the party the invites were sent out.
Click here to see how I made them. 

The next thing to do was to get Joshua's clothes organised before the party. I chose a Thomas jacket and t-shirt with jeans.
Here is a family photo taken about 5 minutes before the party started.
Joshua was ready to run around and party. Then he found the helium balloons!
 We set up our living room with a large food table and drinks area.  

 The kitchen is next to this area, so people could help themselves to drinks or water.  

 We always put some helium balloons on the staircase for parties.
 The buffet in the living also had party food set up. I had potato chips, chocolate Oreo rum balls, chocolate cupcakes, jellies and the lolly bags for the end of the party.
I iced the cupcakes with red, blue and white icing. I used ta few different cutters for the decorations - the number 2, a large star, a small star, a train, a plane and a J letter.
Here is the recipe for my Oreo biscuit and wafer biscuit peppermint rumballs. I also added some edible blue glitter and blue stars the rumballs.
 Here is the food table in the living room from the front.
We had the Oreo rumballs, blue and white marshmallows, 24 cupcakes, the Thomas cake and the food train full of party food. The table cloth is a single bed sheet that we had in the linen closet. I will wash it after the party and it will be like new again.
UPDATE: The sheet was fabulous and survived with NO stains :)
 Here is a close up of the cupcakes I made. I also add a Thomas flag to each cupcake.
We made the food train out of mini foil food trays and cardboard rolls. Then we used black cardboard to make a train track below it.
 I also add cut out stars to the sides of the carriages.
Here is Joshua's Thomas cake. I ordered from the local bakery, as I didn't have time to make one that would look as good as this!
We even made sure we have plastic blue cups, forks, spoons and knifes.
I even found blue m&ms (seen here before I opened them).
Once the party started we had lots of fun. The younger children enjoyed playing the playpen while the parents could supervise and have a chat to each other.
 We put up paper buntings around the house and outside. This one is on the roller door between the outdoor area and the living room.
 Outside the weather was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky.
Here is the outdoor area just before the guest came. We set up a food table at the back right, with an ice box full of alcoholic drinks. Then in the centre we had a circular ice table with soft drinks and cups. We had plenty of couches for guests to sit at and the cubbyhouse was moved down to the concrete area. We added foam mats to the bottom of the slides for safety.
 Half an hour later the guests were enjoying themselves.
The younger children loved playing in the sand area and with the bikes at the side of the house. I haven't put any photos up for privacy reasons, but you can imagine the fun they had!
 Bella our golden retriever had fun too and had to have a photo taken. She spent the whole party trying to con people to give her savoury party food treats.
 Here is a close up of the outside party food table.
 Here are the jelly cups that I made the day before. Click here to see how to make them.(Coming soon)
 Here is my mum's famous mars bar slice. Click here for the recipe. (Coming soon)
 We also had a variety of cold meat wraps.
 Matching red and blue napkins for the Thomas the tank engine theme.
As the guest left they were given a lolly bag with the message 'Thank you for attending Joshua's 2nd birthday party'. Click here to find out how to make these.

Near the end of the day after most of the guests had left, Joshua found the present pile.

He was very excited when he opened each present!
 He loved the wrapping paper too. Most of it had car or trains on it too.
Once the day was over I put all the birthday cards on the living room buffet for Joshua to enjoy over the next few weeks.
Please comment if you are having a Thomas the tank engine party and what ideas you used. Click here for my Pinterest board for Joshua's 2nd birthday party.
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