Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to grow tomatoes

Spring is the perfect time to grow tomatoes in your garden. Simply sow your seeds six to eight weeks before you intend to plant them out and keep them in a warm, sunny spot. When plants have at least three leaves, they can go in the ground. 
Choose an open position that receives at least six hours of full sun each day and is protected from strong winds. Before you plant them out, prepare the soil by digging in well-rotted compost and a tomato-specific fertiliser. Most tomatoes require staking, as they have a natural trailing or climbing habit.
Young tomato plants in rows tied to bamboo stakes.  As the plant grows, tie it to the stake using soft cloth or twine. Once the plant has established, you can move the twine to the top of the plant.  To enjoy the best tasting fruit possible, it’s best to pick your tomatoes when they’re red ripe.
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