Thursday, 28 August 2014

New large vegie patch 20m x 3m construction

My husband had been promising a large vegie patch since we moved in. We have finally finished the construction of the large vegie patch. It is 20 metres long by 3 metres wide. Here is how we improved our soil and built the raised garden beds.
We started with red clay in piles. It was dumped there after we construction our outdoor area a few months ago. It is back breaking work to remove the hard clay and even out the huge clumps. This took us a few days to fix.
  Joshua and Bella helped my husband along the way. We had already built the garden at the corner of the vegie garden.
They soil was treated with manure and compost while we got the timber for the garden beds. We needed just over 20 metres of wood for the length of the garden and the return.
Once the garden beds were built, we needed to improve the soil and remove all the grass and weeds. We used a natural weed killer spray. I don't like to add poison sprays to our vegie patch, as we will eat the produce grown in there.
Once the weeds were dead, we evened out the soil to make it level. We then made sure it drained well and added a lot of aged manure and compost. I sowed a few varieties of vegetables in our greenhouse. They will be planted in the ground in about a month. This will give the soil time to settle.
After about a month I started to plant some of the seedlings.

Here is the vegie patch a few weeks later near the new chicken coop and worm farms. This is the same shed seen in the photos above. In the vegie garden there are garlic plants, beans, mint, spring onions and chives. Bella is happy watching the chickens.

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