Thursday, 21 August 2014

How to fix squeaky tongue and grooved timber floors

Have you ever wondered how to fix squeaky timber floor, especially if you walk over it repeatedly? Our friendly handyman Laurie explains how to easily repair this common problem.

Step 1: You will need to have open access to the floor surface, assuming again the floor is tongue and grooved probably pine or hardwood (either doesn’t matter). The horrible squeak is caused by the dryness of the timber in the tongue and grooved area when you walk over.

Step 2: To fix you will need to purchase a fairly cheap brand of self-tapper screws 50mm long and say 6 or 8 gauge, threaded approximately half the length of the individual screw usually with a Philips head end.

Step 3: Find your worst spot and screw directly into the surface joint (between two boards) down to say half way or with the thread just below the surface.

Step 4: Then with some pliers break off the screw with a backward forward motion, this in turn will break immediately below the surface of the existing floor, additionally the pressure of the joint will close over screw hole giving an almost secret nail effect.

Step 5: This process needs to be done over the problem area at a spacing of 300mm.

Feel free to request any other handy hints that you may need below in the comments area and Laurie will get back to you.

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