Saturday, 23 August 2014

DIY Children's birthday party lolly bags

Joshua's Thomas the tank engine theme 2nd birthday party is this week and I have been busy making the lolly bags for his guests. Here is how I did it:

Step 1: The first thing you need to know is how many guests you are having. Then you can buy enough lollies and lolly bags/boxes for each child or guest that is coming to the party.

Step 2: Once I have all the lolly bags and lollies, I like to spread them out on the bench and evenly sort the lollies between all the bags.

Step 3: I add the biggest lollies and candy first and then add the tiny ones last.

 Close up of what is in the bags
Step 4: Then I put all the lollies in the bags. I will check that they all have enough in them. Next we will seal them.
Step 5: I normally put a small message on a circular piece of paper that I will glue the lolly bag shut with. This year it says 'Thank you for attending Joshua's 2nd birthday party'.
 I need to cut out enough so I have one per lolly bag.

Step 6: Now I fold the lolly bags in half and glue the circular message on the back of each lolly bag. Allow an hour or so for them to dry.

 Back view
 Front view

Step 7: I normally put them on a serving tray and place them near the front door. That way I can give them to our guests as they leave the party and thank them for attending.

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