Saturday, 16 August 2014

2nd birthday party Thomas the Tank engine theme invites

Our son Joshua's 2nd birthday party is in a few weeks and we have been getting ready. It is a Thomas the Tank Engine theme party. Here is how I made the invitations. For a step by step guide click here. Below are the invitations front and back.
They are printed on glossy photo paper.
Once the photos have been printed, you will need to gather envelopes (I used C6 size), double sided craft tape and some decorative stickers.
 Put the double sided tape on the corners and the centre of every photo (see below). I also use glue stick to cover most of the back of the photo and then stick them together.
 Next I make a pile of invites and envelopes. I write the address for each guest on the envelops and add a stamp. I tick their name off the checklist as I write on the envelop and put the invite in.
 Now it is time to decorate the envelopes. I used craft stamps to make heaps of red and blue stars of different sizes.
 On the back of every envelopes I stuck a silver invitation sticker and some stars. I also added more stars to the front of the envelopes.
 For the hand delivered envelops, I added large stars and character stickers.
  Today I have been busy sending out the invitations and organising party supplies.
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