Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Under the Sea dress up day at playgroup

Recently Joshua’s playgroup had an Under the Sea dress up day with ocean activities. We could choose from anything to do with the ocean - mermaids, crab, octopus, shark, fish and so on. I love the rainbow fish, so we decided to dress him up as a goldfish. The costume cost almost nothing, as I already had the clothes and materials.
Here is how I made his costume: 
I used orange pants and an orange top.
Then I cut scales out of 5 different scraps of coloured materials- 
white, black, turquoise, sea green and mint green.
Then I added some orange tulle material cut into zigzags (like fins) around the neckline, bottom of the top and along the top of the arms. 
I hot glue gunned all of it on to make sure it didn't fall off.
Important tip: Make sure that you hold the shirt front and back material apart when you glue things on either side. Or the hot glue can seep onto the back piece of material and glue the shirt together - I did this years ago during a craft activity - opps
Final product ready to go!

On the day:
The children got to do lots of under the sea activites and make a display.
Working very hard!
Their work was put on display once they had finished!
We even had time for a play. 
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