Saturday, 12 July 2014

DYI Photo frame wall display

Recently we had a new wall created in our living room that blocked off an unused space. We decided that it was the perfect area to make a photo frame wall. I made a copy of the size of the wall in baking paper and traced the outlines of the frames onto it with permanent marker. Then you stick it up on the wall and can see how it looks. You can also mark where the hooks need to go very easily while it up.
Here is how I planned and put up the frames.  
12 photo frames:
This was my original plan for the photo frames and the size photos I would need to get printed. I have a mixture of silver, black and white frames. The photos I chose also have a variety of sizes and some are black and white or coloured.
 Here is the first version on the wall.
14 photo frames:
Then we realised that we would like to put some older family photos in as well, so I added 2 more frames. I think it is much more balanced now. 
 Here is the result on the wall:

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