Tuesday, 1 July 2014

DIY Side driveway timber gate

We recently added a side driveway to our property, however it did not have a gate with easy access. So we decided to build one ourselves. Here is how:
Before: A brush and wire fence held in place with star pickets. This was many used to keep the dog in and to add privacy. However it did not allow us to open it and use the driveway very quickly.
Step 1: Buy a steel frame that will fit the width of your space. Our gate it 2.5 metres wide.  You can see the henges in place.
Step 2: Attach the frame to a brick wall or strong wooden post.
Step 3: Add a vertical and horizontal support beam in the middle of the gate.
Step 4: Before you start to add the wood, you need to buy a wheel to support the weight of the gate. Here is the cut out we made to allow the wheel to move easily.
Step 5: When you add the wooden slates, use a bolt to space out the wood evenly. We used a small gap in between the wood. You will need to screw the wooden slates into frame at the edges.
Step 6: Continue screwing the wooden slates in.
Bella supervising the construction of the gate.

Step 6: Make sure the screws are at the top and bottom of each piece of wood, to help avoid bowing over time.
Step 7: You will need a cut out for a latch about half way down. My husband used a clamp to hold the wooden slates in place as it got higher on the gate to save his back!
The finished product! We added an additional wooden vertical support on the back of the gate to make sure the wood doesn't bow.
 A few weeks later we could park our trailer safely behind the gate.
Here is the front view of the gate. Next week he will stain the wood.
My husband had some left over wood, so he made a side gate next to my creeper wall.
 It hides the area next to our garage that has gardening stuff and junk.
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