Sunday, 15 June 2014

Magazine storage solution

I love to collect magazines, especially the areas of cooking, gardening and renovation. However the problem with this is that I haven’t really got an area to store them. I have been keeping a pile in a spare cupboard. That cupboard is now overflowing! 
So I decided it was time to do something about it and find a neat and easy way to store them. Ikea always has great storage ideas, so I checked their catalogue (another magazine in my pile) and found my solution. 

These are metal filing boxes in white. They fit into the Ikea square shelving units and make it easy to see the names of the books or magazine, so you don’t have to pull them all out.
As you can see I bought 8 of them. I also did a magazine cull and ripped out the good pages if there were only a few pages in the magazine that I wanted to keep.
The rest went into the recycle bin, as they are not allowed in the worm farm.   
Now I’m out to do some gardening in the sun :)
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